Tue 21 May
The Record Stache

Wanderlust Playlist #7

It seems that over the past month alone I’ve encountered at least 20 comments expressing people’s nostalgia for the early years of musical output from Britain’s infamous 4AD record label. So I decided to put together a collection of tunes from bands out there, spanning 4 continents, who have managed to capture and convey that awesome spirit. It is also worth exploring similar or otherwise exciting sounds in previous Wanderlust playlists
Bela Infanta  – O Deus Pagão
Amurekimuri – Knock Knock Knock

Drowner – This 
Her Vanished Grace – Turn It Over
Spell 336 – Silence
Ummagma – Kiev 
Lights That Change – Uncomplex
Deepfieldview – She’s Adorable feat. Joey Levenson (SPC ECO) & Charlie Nieland (HVG)
Wooderd Chiarie – Ai No Story
Clarence Mayhew – I Am Her Beach
Jesper Lundager – Dyeing Lilies Brighter Colours

Secret Cities – Slacker

Glaswen – Symmetry