Tue 21 May
The Record Stache

The Sweet Five #65

Every week we will be featuring The Sweet Five! What’s The Sweet Five you may ask? Well I’ll drop you five sweet songs that you should listen to once a week, that will help you get over your mid-week slump and set sail towards the ever-nearing weekend! Ready? Okay!

Broods – Bridges

Are you ready to hear the sweetest electro indie pop song this month? Broods are a sibling duo that have released this mellow track called Bridges. I am rather fond of this song. And guess what? Lorde’s producer Joel Little is involved with this little Kiwi masterpiece. A gem of a track this one. Keep one ear open for more from Broods!

Casey Abrams – Stuck In London

Hah this is the best feel good song of the year! Casey Abram is rather new to me, and I really love his reggae indie style. He’s got a lot of love poured in to his songs. This one is no different. Such a fun video too!

Hoodlum – Firing Line

Not exactly my sorta music, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Think there’s a lot of dark underlining tones to this tune and then boom! It’s quite soft. It’s a thrilling electroncia beat that keeps you wanting more. A really peaceful dig.

Wet – You’re The Best

Oh hell yeah! All over this track. Wow makes me so happy. Can’t even explain. You’re The Best has a great Saturday Night on the town vibe that is fresh, and full or pretty colours. It’s a sweet song for sure. “Baby you’re the best, figure out the rest…”

Kisser – Step Rockets

“Kisser once, kisser twice but leave the light on” Lads, make this song about your special lady. Meet her, take her out for dinner, kiss her once, kiss her twice but leave the light on! A really full vibe sound for these guys. Such a energetic pop hit.