Sun 20 Apr
The Record Stache
Neo-Safari x Big Jackson – Goodbye Summer

Neo-Safari hit up my inbox with nothing more than the word “Enjoy” and a link to this song. That’s all I needed. I already knew Neo-Safari produced good stuff, I don’t need a lengthy description along with the submission. The music speaks for itself. “Goodbye Summer” is the essential welcoming to Fall 2013. The cold weather hasn’t exactly hit yet, so the song still sounds pretty relevant, even though the seasons have officially moved on. Teaming up with Big Jackson, who is completely new to me, the duo have created something truly perfect for my ears. The song begins so atmospheric and minimal, and then it hit me, they’re sampling the Beach Boys’ classic “Wouldn’t it Be Nice?”! Yes! This has to be the best Beach Boys sampling that I’ve ever heard. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the free download.

- Matt