Sun 31 Aug
The Record Stache
Wrathmatics – Supreme

I should have seen this coming. Wrathmatics‘ recent track “My Beach Cruiser Song to Ride Out With…” was just too drenched in the golden age of California hip-hop to just stop there. “Supreme” picks up the laid back, sun soaked beats, and adds something that we’ve never heard before – lyrics from Wrath himself! I knew the guy can produce something impressive, but his rapping is an extra bonus. Each verse focuses on different life lessons: knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Listen closely because it’s extremely easy to get lost within the instrumental. What at first glance might just seem like a track for getting high to, opens up into a tale of growth and experience. The lyrics really give an insight into the artist’s life. Wrathmatics’ self produced vocal album is on its way soon. Until then, chill out with this one.

- Matt