Thu 17 Apr
The Record Stache
Nite – I am Not Afraid

Recently, the Dallas based duo Nite has been brought to my attention. For that, I am thankful. These guys have a bit of a variety mixed throughout their songs, but it all comes together as one, very clear, cohesive sound. One track may sound a bit more lo-fi than the last, and some tunes are definitely more synth heavy than others. Sometimes Nite is borderline tropical with their use of guitar, and at others it’s dreamy and atmospheric. However, one thing is always guaranteed. Each song manages to break down into a driving, retro synth pop jam at some point, and this is the style that I have come to associate with Nite. So you’re somewhat getting the best of two worlds. If you’re an ’80s synth fan, then Nite is for you. If you’re an indie rock fan, then Nite is for you. If you’re a lover of both genres, then you just found your new favorite band! Stream a few tracks from Nite below, then head on over to Bandcamp for the rest of the album.

- Matt