Thu 24 May
The Record Stache
Drull – Star Boy / Last Train to Aberdeen

The last we heard of Drull, they were pairing their sounds with vocals. Recently, the duo released a couple of new singles that will be featured on their upcoming album. Drull’s music has mainly consisted of hip-hop inspired electronic instrumental soundscapes. However, the new tracks show the guys exploring a different territory of sound. “Star Boy” is very garage influenced with elements of trap music, and “Last Train to Aberdeen” is heavily indulgent on the styles of laid back, electro lounge. Two very different songs, yet they both continue to keep Drull’s trademark style. Not too sure if the album with contain any of the previously released vocal tracks, or if it’ll be entirely instrumental. I’m not even sure when the album is scheduled to drop. I do know that you’ll be able to find it here whenever it releases. That I can guarantee.