Tue 16 Jul
The Record Stache


Nothing Much To Lose is an independent compilation presenting a global view of genres like shoegaze, synth pop and dream pop, post rock, experimental and alternative. Its named borrowed from My Bloody Valentine, this 16-track LP includes contributions from Panda Riot, Ummagma, Aerofall, Panopobic, Stella Diana, Shishi, Rev Rev Rev, Under the Wire, APZOO (a.k.a. Asalto Al Parque Zoológico), The Sister Ray, In Her Eye, Weird, Crisis Arm, Later, Gasti Lucsin y Las Venusians, as well as Mario Alencar & Raoni Santos.
Curated by Vinz Ray, under the name Ray Rec, and made available as a free download on Bandcamp. The release came about through a series of interactions between a group of shoegaze music enthusiasts surrounding Vinz’s proposal to put together a tasteful handpicked collection of shoegaze music as a compilation. Vinz is based in Italy, and this project involves artists from such disperse regions as the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina, among other countries.
The album is something that shoegazers, dreampoppers, and lovers of quality indie alternative music should explore. With all the buzz about MBV this year, an album like this reminds us of the early starts that such bands encountered themselves in the days of Creation Records, while enjoying the modern benefit of being able to digitally bring this album to the world. We’re already looking forward to the second volume to appear in what seems like might become a series.