Wed 18 Oct
The Record Stache
Follow Me – Somethin’ Bout You (Satin Jackets Remix)

Soooooo somehow Follow Me managed to slip by me with the release of their first original single, “Somethin’ Bout You”, about a month ago. I’m kind of scratching my head on how I missed out on hearing it until now. Thankfully, the duo dropped Satin Jackets’ remix of the song in my inbox earlier today, that made me aware of these two equally excellent versions. Follow Me’s original is 100% classic, ’90s dance inspired. No surprise considering their track record of remixes over the last year. Satin Jackets takes the track and cools it down a bit for the summer. The producers’ addition of strings and tropical keys makes this a must listen paired with a cocktail at sunset over the next few months. Lucky for us, both versions are free to download. Go ahead. Be greedy and get both of them for yourself.