Fri 18 Apr
The Record Stache
Columbia Nights – All In
Columbia Nights really know how to channel that after hours vibe. It’s kind of in their name, so it’s somewhat expected. These guys are consistently creating the perfect listening material for winding down to. Had a stressful day? Try to not feel completely relaxed when a Columbia Nights track is floating out of a nice pair of speakers. To promote the release of their upcoming remix project of Dawn | Dusk, they’ve released this cover of Flying Lotus’ “All In”. However, this isn’t your typical cover song. They’ve completely reimagined what the track might sound like had it been made by Herbie Hancock during the classic Head Hunters era. The sound is pretty spot on. Download “All In” for free, then go ahead and pre-order Dawn | Dusk :: The Remixes over at Bandcamp and/or iTunes (due out June 17th).

- Matt