Thu 24 May
The Record Stache
Video: Ummagma – Talk to Her


Considering that Ummagma won the Alternative Eurovision held yesterday on Britain’s Amazing Radio, we decided to introduce this haunting chillout piece of ambient, instrumental dreampop, with an equally trippy video to go along with that. This eclectic duo has churned out videos for nearly half of the songs featured in their double debut LP release from last July. This latest clip is for their song “Talk to Her”, produced by French avant-garde filmmaker and multi-media artist Bulle Plexiglass, whose other work you can find hereand other videos you can find here.

Similar to this textured and intricately layered song, the video is a fascinating abstract fusion of colours and obscure images, which interplay to form different shapes and patterns. Although this is rather left field, they have magnificently fit the sound and vision in this piece.

Like all their music, the two albums are name-your-price downloads via Bandcamp. Sample a few tracks: