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Under Review: Robsongs
Robson Gomes is no stranger to those who have been following the underground music scene in Brazil. Hailing from San Paulo, he is the frontman of the 20-year-running indie rocker band The Concept, guitarist in the reggae-oriented Banda Dimanta, and the brainchild behind the Robsongs project. Over the past five months, he has released 3 EPs under the Robsongs brand (“Essa Grande Falta de Você“, “Chuva de Tijolos“, and “Tudo é Preto e Branco“), as well as contributing original tracks and covers to a series of compilations and releasing several videos in support of his various musical projects.
I’ll go further than just saying that Robson Gomes has been busy. I’m betting that this music, particularly his solo Robsongs project, sounds similar to nothing you’ve heard before – this represents a potent indie cocktail of psych rock shoegaze noise space rock.
Robsongs – Guitsy

This sound has been compared to Spacemen 3, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Happy Mondays, Black Market Karma, Dead Rabbits, The Jesus and Mary Chain and “The Beatles while their stoned”. Do I agree? Not exactly, although I definitely do see elements of each of them in this music, as if bits and pieces of all of them have been chopped up, along with bits of Led Zeppelin and Santana to boot, and brewed to achieve that perfect Brazilian blend.
Robsongs – Sitar Song

The Robsongs videos featured here were produced by Dimitry Uziel, whose work we previously covered here.These EPs are available through The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records, whose presence in the underground music scene is nothing less than impressive, having released a whopping 16 CDs since it was launched in early December. Apart from Robsongs’ 3 EPs, these include releases by Tone Rodent, NoctVillians, Infraaudio, Banda Damata, The Psychedelic Sounds of TBTCI, and the fabulous TBTCI Compilation Series (The Pink Album, The Black Album, The Blue Album, The White Album, The Yellow Album, The Green Album).
You can find more Robsongs and TBTCI information here:
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