Tue 22 May
The Record Stache
Mirror Kisses – Heartbeats

I was over visiting The Burning Ear the other day, and I sampled a post that they had up featuring Mirror Kisses’ single, “runaways”. I was immediately hooked on the song, and I had to seek out more and find out what else Mirror Kisses had to offer. Luckily, his Soundcloud linked to the newly released project, Heartbeats. If you’re a fan of synth pop, dark wave, or really just the ’80s new wave scene in general, than this is an artist you need to hear. The songs that make up this album are all top notch. Each track channels some of the emotion of goth pop and fully makes use of visual synth backdrops. The music is so lively, yet somehow completely relaxing. No clue how. It just is, and I’m completely enjoying it. Head on over to Mirror Kisses’ Bandcamp to check out some more goodies. Heartbeats is currently offering a preorder for a white 12″ vinyl. I might have to snag one of those.