Thu 24 Apr
The Record Stache
With mediocrity seemingly the norm these days and uniqueness largely discounted, this latest playlist will hopefully make a contribution in reversing that trend. Ryan Winn of Plasticstatic and co-host of “I Hung Around in Your Static” (both together with Keisha Winn) has compiled this playlist exclusively for The Record Stache. We begin with one Plasticstatic track before discovering the 12 tracks featured here. Explore further – find Plasticstatic on Bandcamp, Facebookand their own website.

Plasticstatic – Flickering

“I can’t pretend to know why any of these bands make the music they make, but I like to imagine it’s because they are in love with ideas, and aren’t content to go just where the musical territory has already been adequately mapped.” ~ Ryan Winn
Flying Cape Experience – Morphosis

The Spiral Electric – Never Forget

Last Remaining Pinnacle – Start

Todd Parker and the Witches – Cuidado

The Solar System – Weather Babble

The Blood Wisdom – Fall Rise the Twin Inside

Mirror Mirror – Souls Collide

Golden Gardens – How Brave the Hunted Wolves

Daydream Machine – And I Love Her

We Miss The Earth – It’s Alright

The Tulpa Effect – A Human Ocean

Sana Obruent – Hyancintho Circumfero 2