Mon 30 Mar
The Record Stache

Q&A With the White Colours Label

A week or so ago, I featured The Japanese Folies EP by the French production duo M&C. The project was released for free through the independent White Colours label. After obsessing over M&C’s work, I decided to see what the rest of the label had to offer. What I found was a wide range of quality music that any electronic lover would drool over. Thanks to the power of Facebook, I got in touch with the masterminds behind the label and had them answer a few questions for the site. Keep up with White Colours on Facebook and be sure to check out everything that they have to offer on Bandcamp.

First off, give us a summery of what White Colours is all about.

Fred: So basically, White Colours is a structure made to put music out freely. We describe ourselves as a net-label.

Clément: Our main goal is to find music that we love on the interwebz, coming from the whole wide world, and then try to put it out on our structure. White Colours is firstly a friendship and musical interest between Fred & I, with a big help from Laure, his girlfriend/in-house wondermaker/graphic designer. As you can tell by our English, we’re French, but we love to work with artists coming from all around the globe and constantly try to find new flavors that would fit in with the spirit of the structure.

What’s the selection process of choosing artists? Do your reach out to them or do they find you?

Fred: I spend hours on Soundcloud. The process is as simple as it is on Youtube. First, I’m looking for something specific. Then, I click on links and links until I find something really interesting. Most of the time, when we receive a notification that says someone started following us, I go on their page to listen to what they do. Usually, people who like what we do also make music that interests us.

Clément: I feel that Soundcloud is a really handy thing to find new talent and contact producers. It’s filled with great music and I love the fact you can just stay there and listen to interesting and unreleased music from unknown producers that need to shine for the beauty of their music. It’s like a huge hunting session for vibes.

Looking through your Bandcamp, it’s obvious that White Colours has a very unique art direction. The covers remind me of old disco 12″ singles I find while record digging. Except yours are much more minimalist and futuristic. Who came up with the style for the cover art?

Fred: Thank you so much for saying that. As soon as we started White Colours, we tried to use a strong visual identity. We wanted people to think, “That is definitely a White Colours release”, just by looking at the cover art. Our art director is my girlfriend. She slogs on as The Early Bird. It’s not really original to say that, but we both discovered electronic music with all those colored covers from Ed Banger, Dim Mak and stuff. Mix this with some classy Sound Pellegrino art direction by Ill-Studio and more retro-futuristic influences, you’ll get “White Colours style”. We have a total and blind trust for her.

Clément: What can I say man… Laure is a just an ultra talented person who knows how to bring the musical atmospheres through beautiful artwork pieces. She is the visual soul of our structure.

I know that electronic music is huge in France. Being a French based electronic label, how do you set yourself apart from all of the competition?

Fred: We can’t talk about ‘competition’. White Colours is all about love of music so when another label release something huge, we’re just happy for them! As a matter of fact, we try to work with other labels : we’re about to release an EP by Alex Pace with his label called Bambousek (that will be followed by others) and we’re also working on another EP by Ideal Corpus that will be released on both White Colours and UK-based label Post Religion.

Clément: Competition is a dumb word talking about music in my mind, diversity is queen and I don’t see myself shitting on this or that label because of what they put out or stuff. People are the only judges, it’s them who listen or don’t listen to what labels put out. Soooo, yea, we of course try to look and sound a little different from other labels but we also respect them because they kinda forged our sound.

What are your plans for the label’s future? Where do you want White Colours to be in 5 years?

Fred: Wow! 5 years! I don’t know where we’ll be. One thing is sure, our label grew up so much in one year. So in five… I guess that what we want is to be recognized as a solid part of the electronic music culture. I’d like to see posters for White Colours parties and stuff.

Clément: So here’s the master plan: we continue to release EP’s on the internet until people’s eyes & ears bleed. Then we will try to book as many gigs as we can to develop our popularity. And then we’ll be rich and famous, living in L.A. snorting coke with models. Hahaha, nah, just joking, I don’t really know what you could expect from us. I think we won’t change much, but we will definitely try to expand our project as much as possible keeping up with the sounds we love and want to put out.

For my own benefit; do plan on ever releasing anything on vinyl? I would love to have some of your artists in my collection.

Fred: Ah ah ah! This is a big deal for us. We would definitely love to put some of our music on wax. But as you know, White Colours is entirely free, so we don’t make any money. Making vinyl is too expensive for us for now. But if you want some physical material, we celebrated our first year of existence with the special release of our first compilation called Black Oscillations Vol.1. A limited CD-r edition of 50 pieces that is for sale on our Bandcamp.
Clément: It will happen after the L.A. phase. But go and cop our compilation guys, it’s cheap and filled with exclusives from producers from our camp. I think it’s the best overview of the spectrum of influences that we try to develop on the label.

What are some upcoming releases that we can look forward to?

Fred: As I said earlier, Alex Pace’s EP is coming up for the first of April. Then we got some serious shit by Ideal Corpus, Morning High, NXTLYF, and WINW. You can also look forward to JKS Remix EP of his track “Pandora” featured on our compilation. Plus, collaborations between us and Bambousek like a Chevaliers Liqueur EP.

Clément: Damn, I’m excited about all these! We also got brilliant remixers for these releases. All I can tell you is that Canadian wizard Bad Channels blessed us with a huge remix for the Morning High project that will leave you dazzled, Bambousek killa producers like Bwi-Bwi & Chevaliers Liqueur are also heavily featured in the next White Colours releases. The last thing that I can disclose is that Bristol’s very own trap producers Tenchu & Daffy are also cooking something strong for us. Can’t wait for all of that to see the light of the day! Anyway, shout out to The Record Stache for this interview, been a real pleasure, keep on following us, big stuff coming up!