Thu 24 May
The Record Stache
Moiez – Over You (feat. Dellara)

Moiez is one of those artists that fans just seem to love, but why? It’s really plain and simple. Moiez releases quality tracks all of the time, and in multiple genres even. Fans can’t turn away. It’s like giving a kid in a candy store free candy each and every time they come in. They’re going to keep coming back for those tasty treats.

Moiez’s latest installment “Over You” gives us that sweet taste in our mouths, with the beautiful versus song by Dellara. The chorus continues to capture that euphoric moment supported by the top notch production consisting of big synths, phat kicks, and a nice touch of bass.

Give this track a listen and it will be sure to help you through your week. Enjoy this track from yours truly at The Record Stache.

Alejandro Crisp