Thu 24 Apr
The Record Stache
Hayling – AutoPilot

Good news. Columbia Nights is about halfway through with their upcoming album. Somehow, one-half of the duo, Hayling, managed to find the time to create some solo work. “AutoPilot” is the latest of his offerings.

“AutoPilot” is a bit of a departure from the after dark, contemporary jazz that Columbia Nights have become known for. The track brings in more influences of downtempo electronica. The instrumental is perfect for a chill, trendy lounge vibe, because there’s some sexiness and mystery mixed somewhere in all of those the layers.

One thing that crosses over from Hayling’s work as Columbia Nights into his solo project is the overall smoothness of the production. The spaciness of the keys over the eclectic beat really sets this song into orbit. The sounds just get stuck in your ears and seem to float around in there for a bit. It’s quite relaxing.

- Matt