Wed 18 Oct
The Record Stache
Futurecop! – Atlantis 1997 feat. Cavaliers of Fun

What is there not to love about Futurecop!? They’re the ultimate homage to the ’80s. While so many other retro bands are finding inspiration in the movie, The Last Starfighter, Futurecop! focuses their attention on everything else. The duo’s music touches on the emotions found in fantasy films such as The Dark Crystal and The Neverending Story to every Saturday morning cartoon imaginable.

Futurecop!’s music is made for soundtracks. Their last album was even titled, The Movie. With their next full length release titled HOPES, DREAMS & ALIENATION, it seems as if we’ll have another great album packed full of fun, nostalgia, wishful thoughts, and tons of dancing.

The album is planned for sometime later this year with no date yet decided. This new single, “Atlantis 1997” feat. Cavaliers of Fun will have to hold us over until then.