Thu 24 May
The Record Stache
Fenech Soler – Maiyu (Lane 8 Remix)

I’m a huge fan of Fenech Soler. I first hooked onto their early tracks like “Lies” and “The Lion and the Bird” way back when, and became addicted to their electro-disco sounds. Their debut, self-titled album was/is amazing, and still gets frequently played in my car. It’s seemed like the wait between albums has been forever. With the release of the “All I Know” single not too long ago, I was super excited for Fenech Soler’s comeback.

“Maiyu” is Fenech Soler’s latest single, and it didn’t take long for one of my favorite electro producers, Lane 8, to give it a quality remix. Where the original is almost anthemic, the remix is a bit more toned down and chill. Lane 8’s take is aimed more towards the late night, lounge vibes that have been filling up my iPod lately.

Check out, and download for free, Lane 8’s remix, as well as the original, of Fenech Soler’s “Maiyu” below.