Tue 22 May
The Record Stache
Daft Punk SNL Ad

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/embed/qcDadaQjbvY?rel=0]

Were you watching Saturday Night Live tonight? You saw the Daft Punk ad, right!? What a way to hype their upcoming album. It’s everything you could have hoped for after what seems like a forever long hiatus (not including the Tron Legacy soundtrack). No clue what the track in the background is, and it’s pretty minimal, but come on, it’s Daft Punk! The advertisement makes quite the statement. The slow, unveiling of the glimmering logo, followed up by the two helmets coming together, creating the album cover, is just classy without making too much of a big deal that you’re actually hearing new Daft Punk in the background. It’s like the duo is nonchalantly saying, “Oh yeah, don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but we have an album coming out soon. I guess get excited… if you want.” Yes. I do want to get excited.