Thu 24 May
The Record Stache
Video: Skruncha-roo – Atman

In the mid-1960s the medium of art video began to rise, thanks to the accessibility of the Sony Portapak and other 8mm video cameras. A lot of these early works were straight up weird. Some truly mind bending and twisted stuff. Fortune Films took inspiration from these early video artists, and made the most unnerving montage I’ve seen since having to sit through hours of watching stuff like this in college, nearly two years ago. Shot with a 16mm wind-up camera, the vintage looking footage surprisingly matches Skruncha-roo‘s very contemporary production. The trap inspired beat, with a bit of downtempo styling, really pairs with muted sepia toned visuals, and the haunting, indecipherable chorus is the icing on the cake of creepiness. I also love the use of the classic ’90s girl saying “Hey!” sample. You’ll know it when you hear it. Makes me want to hook up my old N64 and play some Cruisin’ USA.

In case you were wondering, the ladies featured in the video are Melanie Gaydos and Danielle McAllister.