Thu 24 May
The Record Stache
The Sweet Five #23 Valentine’s Day Special

Every week we will be featuring The Sweet Five! What’s The Sweet Five you may ask? Well I’ll drop you five sweet songs that you should listen to once a week, that will help you get over your mid-week slump and set sail towards the ever-nearing weekend! Ready? Okay!

This week is a little different, with Valentine’s Day on Thursday, I thought I would treat you all with an early guide to some of the most timeless love songs of all time, mixed with some of the newer ones that may just make your special someone’s day that much more special. Enjoy.

The Mowgli’s – San Francisco

You lot have no idea how much I’ve been dying to post this song. I heard it about three weeks ago and have been hanging on for this special. A true upbeat song that is just simply about love. The video is quite quirky and fun. This is such a good song to share with your better half.

Marvin Gaye – Lets Get It On

Possibly the greatest song to serenade your lover with if you’re looking to go all out. I actually love to sing this in public, and the strange looks I get definitely outweigh the ladies who have been swooned. Oh well,it’s the thought that counts right?

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

An ode to the lady with incredible amounts of soul, as she passed this world just over a year ago. It’s okay, you’re allowed to cry when you hear this song. Houston was a once in a lifetime artist and make this song a part of you and your lovers day.


The Tower And The Fool – Valentines Day

A song that is rather to the point. Ladies, we can’t stop thinking about you. Men, well your lady probably has thoughts of leaving you all the time except for today. I have a lot of love for this song actually since I was given a try from a friend. A lot of heart was written in to the lyrics, for sure.


George Benson – Kisses In The Moonlight

A definite classic, and if you’re an avid reader of The Sweet Five you will know I really like Mr. Benson. Well the title of this track says it all, Kisses in the moonlight, who wouldn’t want to be kissed in the moonlight? It’s pretty much every girls dream, so fellas – make some dreams come true this Valentines Day eh!?