Tue 22 May
The Record Stache
Port Isla – Adventurers

So you’re a music snob and you can’t like your favorite folk band, Mumford & Sons, anymore because they’re Grammy winners and are now talking about giving hip-hop the good, old college try (here). Now you need a new group of, UK based, folk musicians to fill that empty void that you’ve been left with. Might I recommend that you give Port Isla a good consideration. I think you’ll be highly impressed with what you hear.

Not long ago, Port Isla’s single, “Sinking Ship“, was featured around these parts. The stampeding jangle of everything great about folk music was exemplified in that song, and I could only imagine the greatness that might follow up that song. That greatness is Port Isla’s latest release, “Adventurers”.

“Adventurers” is an energetic sing-a-long that steadily builds upon it’s bold instrumentation of guitar riffs, piano keys, and various background percussion. The song is packed full of standout harmonies and meaningful lyrics, as well. Just hearing two tracks, Port Isla has easily become my preferred folk band, and I hope that there’s an album planned for release sometime this year. Keep up with Port Isla on Facebook.