Tue 22 May
The Record Stache
New West – Black Ink

Here’s an album that I’ve been listening to all week that really needs to be shared. New West is a Philadelphia based band that draws from way too many influences to count. Their album, Black Ink, is loaded with sounds ranging from minimal electronica, rock, soul, dreampop, folk, and everything indie. I’ll just go ahead and be lazy by labeling their sound as contemporary prog.

According to New West lore, the band got their start by covering Mars Volta songs. From there, they built their own sound. Now that we live in a world that will not see any new music from the Mars Volta, a band like New West is a hot commodity. Their range is broad, their style is unique, and their music is of high quality.

Throughout Black Ink, singer, Chris Zurich’s vocals are the star of the show. His lyrics paint vivid images that continually grow as the instrumentals constantly change and evolve. Thanks to the diverse sound, the album is loaded with emotion. At times, songs such as “Annie” and “North of the Sky” are lush and sweet creating a sense of peace. Then there are tracks that are the complete opposite, like the bold, raw sounds of “Doomsday” and No One Escapes”. Much of the album manages to somehow tip-toe between the two moods.

Like I stated earlier, I’ve been listening to Black Ink all week. It’s good. The long list of influences infused within the sound keeps the album interesting and never dull. Keep up with the New West on Facebook and Twitter.

– Matt