Thu 24 Apr
The Record Stache
New Releases From Moiez

Moiez has consistently been putting out release after release for quite some time now. He has proven to show consistency with his overall production, while still being able to experiment with new genres, and new sounds.

What stays consistent with Moiez’s production, is that he’s always finding a melodic side to any genre. His latest remixes include Avicii, Cazzette, and a Marcos Cole remix as his first Beatport release. Each remix brings a different flavor to the original tracks from trance to progressive house to electro house.

Be Sure to cast your vote for his Cazzette remix to become official, as well as meet a chance to meet them. Enjoy these gems this weekend from yours truly at The Record Stache!

Vote Here For Cazzette – Weapon (Moiez Remix)

- Alejandro Crisp