Thu 24 May
The Record Stache
Magic Man – Paris

If there is anything I like, it’s a good piano tune. This nifty jam entitled “Paris”, starts off just like that. This is the first release from the Providence based band, Magic Man, and let me tell you, “Paris” is an already great piano jam which explodes into a great synth pop song.

This is the kind of song I expect to hear in a quirky, indie movie starring Zoey Deschanel, and that one guy that does a bunch of quirky indie movies.You know who I’m talking about. As much as those movies are hit or miss for me, this song ignores the miss part. “Paris” is all hit.

Wrap your ears around this and don’t worry if your toes don’t stop tapping. You don’t have some sort of new disease or something that causes that. I’m waiting on the headlines now: “Toe-tapping infects America! Are you listening to “Paris” by Magic Man?” So get some of this, and enjoy your day.