Sat 24 Aug
The Record Stache

J Dilla – The Lost Scrolls Vol. 1

It’s February, that means that it’s officially Dilla time of the year! To start the month of celebration and memorial off on a good foot, the Yancey Media Group has released The Lost Scrolls Vol. 1 through Delicious Vinyl.

Chances are, if you’re a Dilla fanatic, you’ve somewhat heard the material here. Much of the music that makes up The Lost Scrolls Vol. 1 has, in some way or another, been chopped up and pasted or resampled into some of J Dilla’s posthumous releases. They’ve also found their way onto a few dedication projects. Madlib’s Dill Cosby and Dill Withers suites come to mind.

Don’t fear, this isn’t some hastily thrown together project. The Lost Scrolls Vol. 1 may be short, with “Smack a Bitch” at only forty six seconds long, the release sure is sweet. This is Jay Dee in his purest form, both in production and on the mic. Who knows how old these tracks may actually be, but that’s the magic of Dilla’s craft, it always manages to sound contemporary no matter its age. The man is timeless.

The Lost Scrolls Vol. 1 is just the first of many releases planned for the coming years. Grab it now on a limited 10″ vinyl. Which reminds me, whatever happened to the plans of releasing Rebirth of Detroit on vinyl? I need that in the collection.

Side A:
DeWitt To Do It–J Dilla
Smack a Bitch– J Dilla

Side B:
The Throwaway Yancey Boys (feat. Frank Nitt)
Ruff & Rugged J Dilla