Tue 22 May
The Record Stache
Echodrone – Mixtape For Duckie

Never have I ever expected to see a music project dedicated to ’80s heartthrob, Andrew McCarthy. It turns out, Echodrone has done just that. Their latest album, Mixtape For Duckie, is much more than just a “Pretty In Pink”, or even Jon Cryer homage, it’s a testament to the great pop music of the ’80s.

Echodrone has compiled some select tracks from the decade, and have completely reworked them. Artists ranging from Christopher Cross to Gary Numan to the Alan Parsons Project are all covered here. The band stamps the tracks with their signature, West Coast dreampop sound.

Some of the covers featured within Mixtape For Ducky bear almost no resemblance to the originals. For example, take a look at Echodrone’s rendition of Christopher Cross’ “Sailing”. Sure the lyrics are the same, but the instrumentation goes above and beyond the tame soft rock of the original, completely making Cross’ version seem dull in comparison.

The surprise standout track here is “Cry Little Sister”. Pulled straight out of “The Lost Boys” soundtrack, Echodrone does justice, and then some, to Gerard McMann’s original. Embarrassingly, until today, I had always thought this song was performed by Sisters of Mercy. That probably traces back to the mislabeled files of my KaZaA days. Echodrone’s version may not have the sinister, sharp bite of the original, but there’s something much more haunting to be heard within the one featured here.

Andrew McCarthy will always have a place in my heart, and movie collection, whether it be his roles in “Pretty In Pink” or “Weekend At Bernie’s”, or even, dare I say, “Mannequin”. It’s nice to know that there are others out there who are just as fond of his Brat Pack days. It’s even nicer to know, and hear, that a band like Echodrone are big enough of fans that they’d be willing to put out an album dedicated to the actor. Stream, buy, and enjoy Mixtape For Duckie below.