Sun 20 Apr
The Record Stache
Concerts I Wish I Could Attend: 1/29/13-2/2/13
So here’s a new tradition that I’ll be trying to keep up with from here on out. Several times a week I find myself saying something like “Maaaan, insert band name here is playing in insert city here on insert day of the week here. I wish I lived there.” Out of pure jealousy of the lucky people who get to see those shows, “Concerts I Wish I Could Attend” spawned. I decided to leave out Sundays and Mondays because after a good bit of research, there really aren’t many impressive shows happening on those two nights. Here are the shows that I’ll be missing out on this week:

Tuesday January 29th
Grizzly Bear @ La Trastienda (Buenos Aires)

Wednesday January 30th
JAWS @ The Old Blue Last (London)
A Silent Film @ Center Stage (Atlanta)
Yuksek + Super Discount + Darius + Dactylo + Numero 6 @ Social Club (Paris)

Thursday January 31st
Keane + Youngblood Hawke @ Radio City Music Hall (New York City)

Friday February 1st
Cody ChestnuTT @ Star Theater (Portland)

Saturday February 2nd
Max and the Moon @ The Satellite (Los Angeles)
Dominique Pruitt @ The Pike (Long Beach)
Escapists + WINTERHOURS + Casablanca @ The Borderline (London)

- Matt