Thu 24 May
The Record Stache
Brandon Lockheart – Good Love

Sometime last year, after the 1 year anniversary of White Walls, Brandon Lockheart sort of vanished from the internet. His Twitter account was deactivated, and his music was completely removed from Bandcamp. I thought he had decided to step away from music without any sort of warning, which really bummed me out because the guy is ridiculously talented. Luckily, I was wrong, and Brandon Lockheart is back and stronger than ever with this new single titled, “Good Love”.

If you’re new to Brandon Lockheart’s music, “Good Love” is a fantastic place to start. The track features Brandon showcasing a variety of flows that all blend together so well, and just 25 seconds into the song, it’s obvious that his lyrics are sharper than ever. You’re going to have to listen to this one a few times to pick up on all of the references. Oh, and this production by Hannibal King is so smooth.

Brandon Lockheart‘s upcoming album is prepped for a May release. What’s crazy, is that “Good Love” didn’t even make the cut! If this is considered a throwaway track, then I can’t even imagine the good music that awaits our ears come May. Download “Good Love” for the low price of an email address.