Fri 18 Apr
The Record Stache
Love and Radiation – Ganymede

Originally, I thought that Love and Radiation was going to be another one of those cute, DIY girl duos. You know, the ones that are heavy on the quirky ukulele and make music tailored towards family friendly car commercials. Well, Love and Radiation couldn’t be more of the opposite.

Dark synths set a sinister backdrop while some truly haunting vocal cry out from the shadows. This is really a moody piece of music. Still, there’s something charming layered in the depths of “Ganymede’s” minimal wave style. Behind the goth exterior is an easily dance-able beat and some pulsing electronics, giving you no excuse to be sulking in the corner whenever you hear Love and Radiation.

“Ganymede” is the first single off of Love and Radiation’s upcoming debut album. Download the track below, for free.

- Matt