Tue 21 May
The Record Stache

Gemini – Robots (Chrome Sparks Remix)

A couple of weeks ago, the 22 year old producer known as Gemini released his well received Mercury EP. It’s solid collection of tracks showcasing Gemini’s ability to create a variety of electronic subgenres. Today, a remix by Chrome Sparks of Gemini’s single, “Robots” made its way to the public and it is the exact opposite of what I was expecting to hear.

The original mix of “Robots” is a high energy piece of pulsing progressive house. Chrome Sparks has completely flipped the style and turned the track into a hazy midnight jam. The chilled groove and pulled back synths allow the re-recorded vocal track to do some major seduction work.

Chrome Sparks has successfully taken “Robots”, a top notch club track, and has reinvented it into the go to choice for what to listen to after the club. If this doesn’t help get you in the mood for some late night maneuvers, then I don’t know what will.