Thu 24 May
The Record Stache
Yale – Yale EP

Last night, while most of America was nestling themselves into bed, trying to keep warm from the increasingly cold weather, Australia was clearly celebrating their upcoming season of warmth. Among the many great releases from the “land down under” last night, Yale‘s self titled EP definitely stood out the most.

I posted a couple of their singles earlier in the year, but up until now, the Brisbane duo’s releases have been pretty minimal. Well, now I know why, because this EP is the perfect way to welcome in the weekend and will continue to hold strong throughout the remainder of the year.

If you’re new to Yale’s music, you’ll soon find yourself enjoying soaking in the sunny vibes of their disco infused synth pop. Yale’s songs are about being young… and girls… all about girls, and everything good and bad that comes with them. Young love is a popular subject for the band that has one of hardest names to find on Google. With so much focus on youth, you might find yourself surprised to hear that these guys are crafting mature, highly polished pop gems. Well, that is exactly what Yale does best.

The new EP consists of the previous singles, “Getaway” and “Lost In The Crowd”, as well as two new additions, “Private School Girl” and “The One That Got Away”. These four tacks combined are a guaranteed hit, and they make up one of the best EP’s that I’ve heard all year.