Thu 24 May
The Record Stache
Video: Jaimz Deen – This Pill

Jaimz Deen officially closes the curtains on the Crisis Complex// era with the visuals for his track, “This Pill”. Hopefully, if you’ve been visiting The Record Stache for a bit, you’ve taken some time to check out Crisis Complex// in its entirety. It’s featured on the Home page if you’ve been missing out, or you can just click here. The video cuts to black at the 1:40 mark. Originally I had thought that there was something wrong with the upload until Jaimz cleared everything up and basically stated that its his way of moving on from Crisis Complex// and completely turning the attention to his upcoming album, Black Party. Even though it’s cut short, the video is definitely worth posting simply because the visuals are pretty powerful matched with the subject matter of the song. You can listen to “This Pill” below, and if you still haven’t yet heard Crisis Complex//, for whatever reason, please do yourself a favor and check it out.

This Pill by Jaimz Deen