Wed 23 Apr
The Record Stache
Video: Kenna – Long Gone

Music from Kenna since 2007′s Make Sure They See My Face has been few and far between. Always high in quality, though. Sure, there’s been a handful of loose tracks released over the years, along with last year’s Land 2 Air Chronicles I: Chaos and the Darkness EP. Kenna has by no means been lazy, he did plan the Summit on the Summit project and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with people like Jessica Biel and Lupe Fiasco to raise awareness of the clean water crisis. I’ve just been patiently wishing for a new full length album this whole time. Repeated listens of earlier tracks like Vexed and Glorious and Baptized in Blacklight have made the wait a bit more bearable, however.

Today, the visual short film for Kenna’s latest single, Long Gone, premiered on MTV. It’s a stunning noir piece about a famed starlet who has been brought to the point of her destruction. The setting focuses on an escape. From what, is the question. A stalker? Paparazzi? Her own fame?

Long Gone by KennaChannel

- Matt