Thu 24 Apr
The Record Stache
Diggs Duke – Mass Exodus: Volume 2

Diggs Duke is one heck of a talent that cannot be ignored. I feel like the man puts out music nonstop, and it’s always quality material. Before I even press play of a Diggs Duke track, I know I’m in for a smooth experience. Mass Exodus: Volume 2 is a follow up to the original Mass Exodus: Volume 1 that released back in August, in that it makes use of similar concepts. If you’re new to Diggs’ music, his style is rooted in the legends of the past. He utilizes every strength that genres like jazz, soul, blues, and classical has to offer, along with influences from minimal electronic and hip-hop. What really matters, is that Diggs’ music always contains a lot of heart. It’s obvious from listening through his work that he just pours his soul into his craft and the outcome is always a completely honest representation of a true lover of music. From what I’ve read, a full length is to be expected next from Diggs. After hearing his past releases along with both volumes of Mass Exodus, I expect an album would be nothing less than perfection.

- Matt