Fri 16 Nov
The Record Stache
Shields – Mezzanine

Shields was recommended to me because of my love of the band Polarsets. If you compare anyone to the Polarsets, I’m going to listen. It’s a given. I was ecstatic to find that Shields lived up to the hype once I heard how energetic and fun their single, Mezzanine, is. It may not be as tropical as Polarsets’ music, but it definitely shares the same style and quality. Mezzanine begins with an array of percussion and steadily builds until frantic, over the top indie pop fills your ears. The result is a upbeat jam that is destined to be a hit. Mezzanine will be found on Shields’ upcoming Kaleidoscope EP out November 19th.

Shields – Mezzanine by SHIELDS

– Matt