Tue 22 May
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Jeremiah Castelo – Every Part of Mine

They say first impressions are everything. When I read Jeremiah Castelo’s description of his album, Every Part of Mine, he said, “My music has been likened to what the soundtrack to a Stanley Kubrick film would sound like, if it had been co-written by both Jamiroquai and Radiohead.” I was definitely left with a curiosity of what this might exactly sound like. After sampling through a few songs, it was clear that this was not going to be just a quick listen. There’s something truly unique within Every Part of Mine, and it would take me more than one play through to put my finger on it. Jeremiah’s music progresses a genre called Rhythm and Red: a mix of R&B and rock with electronic influences. A lot of genres and subgenres fall under the categories of R&B and rock, and it wouldn’t surprise me if every single one of them was included here. The amount of variety heard throughout the album is truly remarkable, and the fact that Every Part of Mine was entirely created by Jeremiah alone, is enough to applaud his effort. It’s just one of those projects that you can completely immerse yourself within, and when it finally comes to a close, you feel as if you learned something about the artist who created it. Once I discovered that the songs that make up the album were written over a span of 7 years, it makes a lot of sense that I felt a connection with Jeremiah. 7 years is a long time when it comes to writing an album, and a lot of life experiences happen within that amount of time. Jeremiah has clearly bared his soul through his music, and it comes off as reflective upon his past. Every Part of Mine is a work to experience, consisting of happiness, pain, and everything in between. Keep up with Jeremiah Castelo by giving him a thumbs up on Facebook.

Every Part of Mine (1-10) by Jeremiah Castelo

– Matt

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