Sat 24 Aug
The Record Stache

Vinyl: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Angel Station

I originally picked up Angel Station by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band on vinyl because Kanye West sampled the track, You Are – I Am, for So Appalled on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I loved how the sample sounded so dark and experimental, so when I found out that it was taken from Angel Station, I had to hunt it down. Most people are only familiar with Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, but everything on Angel Station easily trumps that song by a long shot. The way this album flows and constantly references itself throughout is amazing. Some of the same sounds can be heard throughout several songs, adding a sense of unity to the album. This is just one of those albums that can be thrown on the turntable and it will perfectly fit any mood that you’re in. Come to think of it, Angel Station may be my most played LP. Stream the entire album below.

The “Vinyl” series consists of handpicked selections from my personal record collection. -Matt


The sample can be heard throughout the entire length of So Appalled.
The sample can be heard around the 2:35 mark on You Are – I Am.