Sat 24 Aug
The Record Stache

Hey Geronimo – Carbon Affair/Why Don’t We Do Something?

Once again, another fantastic Australian band graces my ears. This time, the group is Hey Geronimo, which is made up of a few indie pop bands from Brisbane that have joined forces for the world’s benefit. Sometimes, I take the Triple J podcasts that I get on iTunes for granted and forget to check out the new releases, and when I finally get around to it, there’s awesome bands like Hey Geronimo or Panama just waiting patiently for my attention. As of now, Hey Geronimo only has two songs available (that I could find), but these two tracks are better than some bands’ entire careers. No lie. Listen to Carbon Affair and you’ll be hooked on Hey Geronimo’s wacky harmonies and overly entertaining instrumentation. Why Don’t We Do Something? shows a catchy, power pop side of the band that you’ll be singing along with half way through. Hey Geronimo’s music enforces positive attitudes with their infectiously fun styles. Both singles are free to download, so get on that and add them to your “Summer” playlist.