Fri 7 Aug
The Record Stache

The Neighbourhood – I’m Sorry

Oh snap! It’s May 7th and that means two things: 1. It’s TheRecordStache’s 3 month anniversary (I’m coming for you Hype Machine!) and 2. The Neighbourhood has finally released their understandably overly hyped EP, I’m Sorry. Some of the EP will sound familiar to you. I know you’ve heard Sweater Weather, most likely heard Female Robbery, and maybe even the radio rip of Wires, but what you haven’t heard, until now, are the songs Leaving Tonight and Baby Came Home. No surprise here, but they are fantastic! It’s like the band just up and decided that they’re going to come out of nowhere, release a viral song/video, and then take over the world with 5 songs that could all, easily, be hit singles. Also, The Neighbourhood automatically made their songs .flac files in the download, which is super awesome, because I’m all about quality when it comes to listening to music. Maybe that’s why the EP is called I’m Sorry, because I know for a fact that thousands of people are going to be up in arms and rioting over the fact that they have to go a little bit out of their way to convert them to .wav files before uploading them to iTunes where they would then convert them to .alac files just so they can add the cover art and song titles. Well, The Neighbourhood shouldn’t be sorry one bit, because the EP is being released for free, so really who has any right to complain? I would have no problem buying I’m Sorry, because these guys clearly worked hard to make this Summer’s soundtrack.

Head on over to to download I’m Sorry for free. If you don’t, you’re going to feel really left out when Ugly Joe across the street is hip to The Neighbourhood before you are. Stream it bellow.