Sat 24 Aug
The Record Stache

Max Castillo – Somewhere


I’ve got some more music from Pensacola to feature tonight. The visuals above, are of rapper Max Castillo’s first music video. The song is titled Somewhere and was created as a tribute after the death of a friend of Max’s early last year. Somewhere is a heartfelt homage to the memory of a lost peer. Max Castillo was still in high school at the time of his friend’s death, and I can’t imagine how unbelievably hard that would be to go through at such a young age. Luckily, I have no yet had the misfortune of having to cope with the loss of a friend. I do need to point out the nice use of sampling that Hawaiian version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The video itself is pretty straightforward and simple, showcasing a few locations around Pensacola, and directed by Kid Kodak and crew’s Jetlag Entertainment. Somewhere can be found on Max’s mixtape, Elevation, that released last December. Max Castillo is also prepping the release of his latest mixtape titled The Main Event, scheduled for sometime next month. The Main Event will be a concept work, playing out like a boxing match, where each song is a metaphor for one of life’s many trials.