Thu 21 Mar
The Record Stache
Freedom Fry – Outlaws EP

Freedom Fry released a very excellent EP titled Outlaws last week. The inspiration for Outlaws came to be after the duo, Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll, visited Billy The Kid’s grave site at Fort Sumner in New Mexico. After the visit, Freedom Fry decided to put together an EP with a wild west theme. I’ve never heard a western themed piece of music quite like Outlaws. Being familiar with some of Freedom Fry’s prior releases, such as Earthquake and Let The Games Begin, I was expecting Outlaws to sound very indie poppy with some twang added for effect. Listening to Outlaws, it’s obvious that Freedom Fry completely immersed themselves within the project. The outcome is an extremely hazy work of Americana folk that verges the point of becoming haunting. It’s as if the spirit of these legends are present within the songs. Honestly, it’s really remarkable. I’d love to hear Freedom Fry release a full length album in this style. I’ll let you sit back and listen, while I ride off into the sunset.